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At greatcontent, we are always looking for creative, imaginative writers as well as staff to man our vibrant Berlin-based management team.

If you love to write, can turn your mind to a wide variety of subjects and can work effectively with clients from around the world, you could be the ideal fit for our pool of writing talent. Apply to join and within days you could be taking on orders from clients as diverse as property firms to fashion labels. » More

For those who don't find freelance writing appealing, we also have some office positions available in Berlin, our hometown. So if something comes up, don't be afraid to apply. We love to welcome newcomers onto our team. » More

Earn money as a greatcontent writer

High quality writers are the heart and soul of greatcontent. Instead of battling individually for freelance jobs, at greatcontent clients post their tasks onto a common pool, and you can pick and choose the ones that appeal to you.

It's a great way to pick up regular writing work without the hassle of other platforms. In time, as clients come to rate your work highly, you will qualify for even more highly paid tasks and take on direct orders for high profile clients. If there are any problems with an order, our support team are always on hand to offer advice via e-mail or telephone.

If this sounds attractive, it's easy to make an application to become a greatcontent writer. We only ask for some basic personal details and a brief written sample to assess your initial quality level. When your application is approved, the pool of jobs will be opened up to select from and you can begin earning money immediately.

Work with greatcontent in beautiful Berlin

greatcontent relies upon its dynamic, welcoming team in Berlin to keep its international content creation platform running smoothly, and we are constantly looking for talented team members. If you join up, we always offer flexible hours of work and plenty of support, as well as an open, collaborative working environment at our offices in the Prenzlauerberg district.

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Writing Jobs for Fun and Profit

Freelance writing jobs have never been more plentiful and it's also never been easier to get started as a freelance writer. With a large portion of the publishing world on the internet, work is more accessible. Freelance web writing offers many benefits including a flexible lifestyle that can adapt to your needs.

Make Your Own Schedule

While most freelance writing jobs will involve a deadline, the work can be scheduled according to your available time as well as your own peak productivity. Some people work best at night, others in the early morning hours; freelancing lets you take advantage of your own cycles of productivity. Work can be organized around your agenda, taking family commitments and other demands on your time into account.

Managing the Variables

Still, there are some uncertainties that typically go along with freelance writing as a career - if you work all alone. Work assignments must first be scouted and various clients juggled against each other. Working with the right copywriting service can go a long way towards minimizing the variables when you write for money. greatcontent helps you manage the uncertainties with our services, including,

  • Work assignments you can claim at any time;
  • A predictable pricing structure;
  • Reviews and feedback as tools for improvement;
  • Merit-based ratings that allow you to progress, with work assignments offered at various levels of ability.

You'll enjoy the satisfaction of being able to use your existing expertise and interest in specific fields or topics, allowing you to maximize your knowledge base as you deepen it. Once you've opened an account and begun to develop a profile as a writer, we'll help the process by funnelling suitable work your way.

Writing jobs can represent satisfying work for fair pay with the right copywriting partner. We'll look after the details so you can concentrate on the work - and making money.


Written by Leonie